Special edition of RD1 Rear Derailleur 699.00

    1x11s or 1x12s ROAD/MTB REAR DERAILLEUR


    Too much need for freedom around the world!

    The LEGALIZED is a new edition, a variation based on the limited series RASTA released in only 81 pieces. Now it’s special edition and not limited.
    Fully cnc from Al 7075 and Al 2024 and fully “added”: means 3D printed in PA12, raw finish to minimize any post-process as much as possible. In need, as per all INGRID components, any part is available as a spare and is widely compatible.
    You can enjoy LEGALIZED for 11s or 12s shifters for drop and flat bar, Campagnolo, Sram, Shimano and more.

    “Goats love to play with it”

  • RD1

    1x11s or 1x12s Rear Derailleur 579.00649.00

    1x11s or 1x12s REAR DERAILLEUR

    Nothing new apart from everything

    We started this project in 2017 and step by step we reached the target right now after 4 years, changing all the parts at least 10 time each. Thinking about electronics, about mech, about both. But definetly we understood we got the “mech”.
    Fully cnc about 7075 and fully “added”, mean 3D printed about PA12. Any part replaceble as spare and really widely compatible.

    You can drive it with 11s or 12s shifters for drop bar and flat bar, Campagnolo, Sram, Shimano and more

    Enjoy it

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