• Cassette 12s 44T11

    Road/GT 12 speed cassette From: 409.00


    1 by 12  speeds road cassette

    It’s a single 12 speed road, gravel cassette with a total range of 400%, the same of a double road system. Yes, no any miracle, except for simplicity vs some big gap at the extreme of it, optimizing the middle to make it smoother in the mainly used srockets.

    We started with the 11t sprocket to minimize friction and power loss and at the same time use “normal” chainring at the front. Of course it could be fitted in “old” shimano HG freehubs. But even in XD driver body by SRAM.

    CNC machined in 2 parts, one in steel and one in aluminium alloy. Both from solid pieces, steel part is heat treated after machining. Aluminium part is hardened with H.A. process.

    Of course take it in GT mood.

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